Flamin Bushies

Raining Again

We wake up again to the lowing cows
A mother calling her baby right now
Look out and view the cloudy skies
It’s still raining, we’re asking why
The rain gauge full running over the top
Hec, do we want to see another drop
Hubby says, “What’s the weather say?”
Weatherman says raining for today
The horses are waiting for their morning feed
So I better get out and feed this breed
The rain’s eased off so I should keep dry
Leave the old coat behind, but I will ask why
Cause rain comes down in a steady stream
Of dry clothes and warm fire, I can only dream
The horses come up all hungry and wet
Looking for feed that only I can get
I fired the old quad up once more
To feed the last horse and get wet for sure
I press the speed button with all my might
Flying from rain, mud now I’m in flight
I empty his trough from the rain and the muck
And head for the shed to park by the truck
Though I’m wet and I’m cold and mud everywhere
I really am thankful don’t have a care
For in God do I trust in the mud and the rain
For I know He’ll keep me safe from all pain
He’s the beginning and end, He made me I know
And His great love to all creatures I’ll show.

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