Flamin Bushies

Dingo Attack

Look at the radar, rain coming this way
Not again, we’ve had enough you say
Better get supplies before it comes down
Get the ute ready, we’re going to town
There’s plenty of water lying around
A bit hard to see any dry gound
We get up the road and round the curve
And slow down to look at our breeding herd
Son looks ‘em over, says dingoes are there
I slam on the brakes and yell, “Hec, where”
Sure enough there’s maybe ten dogs sitting up
And half of them are bloomin pups
There’s black and there’s tan just sittin there lookin’
I bet I know what their brains are cookin’’
We get out and we yell all hands wavin’
They turn tail and run thinking, “Who’s this
Off to town we go no more thinkin of rain
Just wondering if them dingoes will cause pain
So please help us dear God, our fences are down
We can’t bring these cattle to better ground
Far away from danger, death and decay
Dingoes just tear up the carcass, come what may
So we’re lifting our heart to heaven above
To you who made all creatures in love
We need angels right now to guard our herd
You said you’d send them. It’s in your Word.
So now as we lay our head down for the night
No fear or worry, you will fight
The dingoes who prey on the weak for a treat
Will cower and run when the angels they meet

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