Flamin Bushies

flamin bushies

Flamin’ Christian Women is a ministry dedicated to country Christian women.  The goal of this ministry is to encourage, inspire and empower, particularly for those in country areas isolated by distance.

Country women have to cope with different circumstances in comparison to our city women.  We are mostly here by choice.  Some are single but most of us stand by our husband or hold the fort single handedly as he is away for weeks on end maybe mustering, fencing or just working to make ends meet.

As a teenager one of my first jobs was as a jillaroo in Western Queensland.  I lived and breathed the land.  At the age of 17, I became a born again Christian in a Iittle country church in Warwick.  After completing my nursing training, I spent most of my life in active ministry serving the Lord, both here in Australia and overseas in New Zealand and the Philippines.  I had never married mainly because I had never met the man of my dreams.  I was an older single when I met my now husband, John.  What I didn’t know initially was that he had four children from a previous marriage.  I had no children and was very happy to become a wife and a mother all in one.

We were married on the 3rd October, ’98.   We have had many challenges and can look back on God’s absolute and complete faithfulness.

We started off living in a fairly basic built in shed on a five and a half thousand acre property.  We had limited solar power, a very loud generator that I couldn’t start and pumps to obtain water. With all of this, I was happy and married to my man, my knight in shining armour with a ready made family.

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