Flamin Bushies


“Steady boy. It’s OK. Nothing is going to harm you” I speak these words quietly and soothingly to my beautiful, young bay horse as he shies away from a sudden noise behind him.

He and I have grown up together. I was there when he was born and from the very first day I would stroke him and speak calmly to him. As a baby, he never allowed me to touch his head or his shoulders but was quite happy for me to rub his tail and stroke his rump. Every day I would feed his mum and I would talk to him. He gradually learned to put his head in the bucket and share mum’s feed.

And now today, he is almost an adult, no longer a colt but a gelding. He is not worried if I stroke his head or his shoulders. Jireh is his name. I never dreamed that I would have the privilege of breaking my boy. But would you call it breaking if he comes when you call, if he follows you even as you walk under the high set house. And would you call it breaking as puts his head down to receive the bit? Would you call it breaking as he looks around as you place the blanket and saddle in place on his back. I guess I would call it educating.

You see, Jireh and I are a team together. I am the leader of the team and we have a relationship together in this team. I am his friend and he is mine. We trust each other and he knows that I would never do anything to hurt him. Yes, I will direct him and teach him to go where I want him to go. I am firm but loving.

Inherent within a horse’s nature is the desire to flee from danger. And some how, in some way we must overcome that desire. It can be done as long as they trust us, their leader. The horse has the ability to develop a quiet nature and be free from the fear of potentially life threatening situations to their well being. And it starts from when they are a baby foal.

There is a great similarity between us and the Almighty God who created us. Left to ourselves, we can become fearful and anxious. If we have not had the privilege of a stable relationship with loving parents we can run just as a horse without great thought, to and fro. Our heart is searching for someone who will provide security and love for us. Take a moment in the chaos and confusion to go steady. It’s OK. Nothing is going to harm you. Call out to God and ask Him to come to you just where you are. You and He can become a team together.

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