Flamin Bushies

Raging Flood Waters

There’s been 40 inches up the top end they say
The torrents are raging and coming this way
No one knew the danger that was just ahead
And that very soon some may be dead
But the waters came down nothing stood in their way
A frothing and bubblin speaking death and decay
The cows and the calves unaware of the flood
Were caught up in the swirling debris and the mud
They struggled and bellowed none could help them now
For no man would dare to help out that old cow
They were carried along by the great rushing tide
Some made it to land by their mother’s side
Others went down in the swirling mud foam
Never again would they ever roam
When the waters went down and the eye could see
The devastation of stock. the land and the tree
Our hearts were so sad, all our fences were down
‘May as well sell up’, we said with a frown
But the man of the land is resilient you know
And he can rise from many a hard blow
So as time does go on, the heart it will heal
The pain will be gone and we will all feel
That the good Lord above has a purpose you know
As we trust and we pray He surely will show
That His love for us is beyond all measure
And in every trial you will find His treasure.

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