Flamin Bushies

I’m Dreaming Again

I’m dreaming again of the millions of people
Who’ve never seen Jesus, just a church steeple
I’m dreaming of telling them, He’s my best friend
And He’ll never forsake you He’s there to the end
I want to tell of His awesome great love
I want to tell them of heaven above
He died on a cross just for you, you alone
He’s longing to bring you to His sweet home
He died just to heal your broken heart
Just open the door for a brand new start
To open the door just kneel down and pray
Dear Lord, “Forgive my sins” you say
As you rise from your knees and look to the sky
You will feel His warm Spirit, you don’t have to try
So dear Lord I will keep dreaming til you take me home
Please reach down and touch them so they’re not alone
You are the way, truth and the life
Well able to keep man from all strife
You love is amazing without any measure
To find this great love, we find all treasure

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