Flamin Bushies

Breaking of the Drought

The ground is parched and dry,
the cattle they got fly,

Is it ever gonna rain, cause
then we’ll feel no pain

We’re lookin to you Lord, for we
can ill afford

To see another drought , it will
knock us out.

There’s a cyclone in the north
and it’s coming to the coast

Surely won’t get down too far,

make it half way at the most

But Friday skies breaks loose
and the rain begins to fall

Puts a big smile on your face makes

us feel just ten feet tall

Our feet they are a dancing, we knew
it all along

That the good Lord up above
answers all our prayers with love

Well the rain kept pouring down
and the creeks all start to rise

The cattle went for higher
ground but some would’nt even try

Hubby on the old quad bike went
into the raging stream

To rescue all these forlorn
cows, the likes you’d never seen

The rain kept coming down, down
down, and  water everywhere

I said to Hubby, “That’s
enough.  How we gonna fare?”

So then we joined our hands as
one and looked to God above

We said, “Thank you Lord  for the

rain you sent to us in love”

Please stop the rain, no more
for now, it really is enough

We do thank you for everything
but now it’s getting tough

Lord we’re really start to worry
and we know we shouldn’t oughta

But over every paddock that we
own all we see is water.

We woke up in the morning and at
the light of day

The weather it had broke, the
rain had gone away

From the brown and dusty earth,
the tinge of green now did appear

For the drought had come and
gone, no longer did we fear

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