Flamin Bushies

Looking for Rain

We look for the rain and it hasn’t come,
the days are long in the hot burning sun
The grass that was green is now turning brown
And you look everywhere only dust to be found
Under pressure you say there’s gotta be a way
To ease the burden of the day
We have to check waters in the creek
Hardly enough to last a week
Sure enough it’s falling fast if rain don’t come
it will not last
No water, no feed, means our cattle will die
And all over the land the carcass will lie
The dingoes will come and consume their lot
And the carcass will smell and begin to rot
This is the story we don’t want to tell
Sure like living on the brink of hell
So we beg of you Lord, please send precious rain
And our hearts will be lifted from all of this pain
We know that it comes from Heaven above
Send it down to us in streams of love
You are faithful and true and good and kind
You sent your Son with us in mind
Of course there’s nothing too hard for you
Send this rain please including some of that heavenly dew

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