Flamin Bushies

Hard Times

We love this land, this country we call our home sweet home
Our hearts now satisfied, we never wish to roam
But no one near or far knows the battle raging on
As we toil with sweat and tears from dawn til setting sun
For you would dare to tell of your highs, but not your lows
For fear that man would laugh as your crops you try to sow
For summer, autumn’s come and gone and winter now sets in
Your tractor’s still in pieces, you think you’ll never win
The cattle crates all rusty, the inside door’s a wreck
Still holds the cattle safe and calm, you think, “Ah, what the hec”
One quad bike it’s a squealin, they say it is the clutch
The 125 won’t start, you’re thinking, “This is just too much”
The banks are knocking on your door, the bills are coming fast
You think, “I’ll put a white flag up and run it at full mast”
But then you look around again at this country you so love
And let you heart surrender to your Father up above
For He’s the One who put the dream within your very heart
And if you would believe in Him, He’ll grant a brand new start
It does not matter how you feel or what you see about
He’ll take your cares and worries and create another route
Sometimes His way seems dark the pathway laid with thorns
But my child, He will always bring you to a brand new morn
“Pain may come in the
night, but joy comes in the morning”

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