Flamin Bushies

The Cattle Sale

Another day has come around time for my feet to hit the ground
It’s hard to get my mind in gear today my eyes are full of tears
‘Come on love, the cattle sale today it’s time to collect our monthly pay
‘I hear you loud and clear I know but one more tantrum I must throw
The prices down not coming back I want to give them all the sack
I send my best cow to the sale, and now I have to watch’ I wail
And so I stand with all the blokes and listen to the same old jokes
‘Dingo bites, too skinny long in the tooth’ will someone tell the bloomin’ truth
Yeah, I bought her many years ago a sleek young heifer long and low
She’s never missed a calving yet has never even seen a vet
She’s had the best calves I‘ve ever seen make you fellas turn envy green
My millet babe you were my friend on you my babe I could depend
But now you’re gone, my God knows where you always were so kind and fair
I’ll never forget your beautiful eyes pray your new owner will give you a try
To do your best as you’ve always done love you my beauty til setting sun

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