Flamin Bushies

He’s Just a Country Man

He’s just a country man, the country’s in his heart
I’m just a country girl you and me will never part

I remember when I met you, my heart was drawn your way
And I used to wonder darling would you ever have me stay
You’d look my way, I’d look at you and look and look again
Imagine that our very lives were entwined unto the end
I’d pray and talk to God about my handsome country man
Morning, noon and even night I was your ardent fan
A mountain man they called you, working from dawn til dark
Fencing, cutting timber that axe would ever hit the mark
You had your team of horses, mountain bred you’d often say
But none was like your Gallant who just went all the way
The cattle mustering was hard up in them Granite Hills
The mountains steep, the rocks were sharp, not there for any thrill
You paid 500 for a dog, best money ever spent
Three men would never do the work, that dog was heaven sent
We walked and talked together and our hearts became as one
We prayed and read the Word of God into the evening sun
I love this country man that God has sent my way
His quiet and gentle nature does brighten all my days
I’m not lookin for my country man, he’s here right at my feet
And where he is I’ll always be, thank God our paths did meet

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