Flamin Bushies

City Shopping

It’s busy in the city, people come and go,
a smile, a friendly greeting it is so hard to show
There’s a hustle and a bustle, shoppin trollies everywhere,
to pass at any speed you just wouldn’t dare
There’s people in all sizes, the short, the long, the tall
and there’s kids forever screaming in the bloomin mall
I cannot see the trees or cows just grazing quiet,
trying to pass my trolley now it could end up a fight
So I gather up my parcels and stack them all in neat
And begin to steer my trolley in between all of those feet
I begin to gather speed as I race another mile
Along that noisy shopping mall, a smile upon my dial
I steer it to the left the right, a smiling all the time
Not sure which side I should be on, but hec it seems all fine
I walk out to the parking lot the fresh air now to breathe
Now all I have to do is find the car so we can leave
I find it where I parked it in the bay called number three
In the country it is different it goes right near a tree
My heart is in the country, I love this kind of life
If I was in the city, I’d be in quite some strife
God bless my city cousins though the country’s in my heart
And when they’re feeling down and out, give them a brand new start
As they rush about their business with their heart so filled with pain
Help them to pause and to reflect and know your love again.

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